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Have you thought about learning to fly gliders?  It may be easier (and cheaper) than you think.  Sure, like most things that are worth doing, there's a level of commitment required to earn your license.  However, that license never expires and it can reward you with a lifetime of flying memories.

Starting from Scratch

A glider license is issued by the FAA.  Here are the basic steps towards earning that goal.

▪ Start flying with an FAA licensed instructor – we have some available in our club

▪ Pass a written test administered by the FAA

▪ When your instructor feels you are ready, you will be approved to fly solo

▪ Fly solo, practice and log time

▪ When ready, your instructor will endorse your logbook allowing you to take your final flight test

▪ Pass an oral and flight test with an FAA designated examiner

FAA Minimum Requirements

Transition From Power

Do you hold an FAA power plane license?

With a minimum of 40 hours as Pilot in Command, the process is even easier.  All you need is a minimum of 10 solo flights to qualify to take your check ride.  No written exam is required.  No Medical required.


Of course, you must be a member of the Cleveland Soaring Society to gain access to gliders, instructors and a tow plane.

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