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About Your Flight

You will ride in a two place glider piloted by an FAA licensed commercial glider pilot.  Your pilot will brief you before the flight but here is what you are likely to expect.  A tow plane is used to tow the glider up to release altitude at which point the glider is released to fly free.  Your pilot will search for “thermals” (columns of rising air) in which to fly.  If the thermal is strong enough, the glider will gain altitude.  This is the same technique used by hawks to stay aloft without flapping their wings.

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Cleveland Soaring offers demonstration flights to the public to promote the sport of soaring.  

Join us for a flight and perhaps you will join us as a member!

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We offer two ride options, depending on the release altitude that you choose.

▪ 3000 foot tow: $100
  approximate flight time of 15 to 20 minutes

▪ Mile High tow: $150
  approximate flight time of 30 minutes


About The Weather

Soaring is great but unfortunately, the weather does not always cooperate.  Scheduled rides are subject to cancellation due to poor weather conditions.  We will make every effort to notify you of cancellations and work with you to reschedule your flight.

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A glider ride makes a great gift


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